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Ace Rental & SalesWorking on a project that requires removing support? Our team can help with shoring frame, shoring post, and aluminum beam rentals in St. Louis. Shoring is the safest way of working in large space while removing support. Get in touch with our team to learn more about renting shoring equipment in St. Louis.

What Is Shoring?

Shoring, in simple terms, is the act of propping up with shores. Shoring is a term used in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed.

Shoring Frames and Post Rentals

Shoring frames and shoring posts are the main supporting structure for any shoring project. They are responsible for transferring the weight between the floor and the structure you are supporting. Contact our experts to determine which shoring option is right for your project.

Shoring Frame

Shoring Frames


Shoring Posts

Aluminum Shoring Beam Rentals

Shoring beams are part of any shoring project. They take the weight of the structure and spread it over a wide area that can be supported from underneath. Our aluminum beams are strong and specially designed to support large weights. Contact our experts to rent aluminum shoring beams in St. Louis.

Aluma Beams

6.5” Aluma Beam

Shoring Beam

12” Aluminum Shoring Beam


7.5” HD Stringer

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