Bleachers and Event Rental Equipment

Hosting a party or event? We carry bleachers, stages, folding chairs, and folding tables available for rent for any type of party or event. We also offer set up and tear down of stages and bleachers for events.

Portable Bleacher Rentals

Need extra seating for a sporting event, charity auction, parade, or any other event? We’ve got you covered. We can help get you set up with the perfect solution for additional seating. Ask our team about our portable bleacher rental for your next event or gathering.

Granite Bleacher


Portable Stage Rentals

You may be asking yourself – Why do I need a stage? Well if you are hosting any event with live band, DJ, or electronics outside then they may want to keep that off the ground. In addition to this we can set up small sections of stage for weddings and the wedding party to make you the center of attention.



Folding Chair and Table Rental

Do you need tables and chairs for a party, or just chairs for your on-site wedding venue? We can help. We offer folding chair rentals for parties, weddings, and any other event you may be hosting. Renting from us is easy we even deliver and pick up from the venue. In addition to this, we also offer folding table rentals. These are great for large family picnics, trivia nights, weddings, and more. Ask our team about folding chair and table rentals by calling 314-771-7222.


Folding Chairs


Folding Rectangle Tables

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