Aluminum Shoring Beam Equipment Rental

We carry a variety of aluminum beams and heavy-duty stringers for your shoring needs. These include 6.5in Aluma Beams, 7.5in HD Stringers, and our strongest 12 inch aluminum beams. At Ace Rental & Sales we understand that every project has its own budget and requirements.

Our aluminum beam rental products are ideal for a range of applications, helping contractors do more with less. Our aluminum beams can support the same capacity as steel, at half the weight. They are durable, easy to handle, and versatile.

What Is Shoring?

Shoring, in simple terms, is the act of propping up with shores and used in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed.

How Do Aluminum Beams Help?

Aluminum beams can help you by allowing you to distribute the load between multiple posts. These durable aluminum beams come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various needs and weight concerns.

Ace Rental & Sales carries aluminum 6.5” beams and 7.5” heavy duty stringers for your needs. We stock these beams in a variety of lengths. We carry the A-Clamps to connect them to posts and other beams

Aluma Beams

6.5” Aluma Beam


7.5” HD Stringer

Shoring Beam

12” Aluminum Shoring Beam

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