Building Access Rental

We carry a variety of scaffolding and other building access products to suit any job you may have. Working at height is a serious business. We can offer you and your employees the utmost security and mobility to safely perform work. Whether you need to reach 20ft or 200ft we can help.

PowerMast Lift Rentals

Our PowerMast lift rentals allow you to have full access to any area both inside and outside. We offer both freestanding and anchored PowerMast lifts. These lifts are modular and are designed to work with either a single basket or a double mast with platform.

The Freestanding lifts can reach heights of up to 80ft, while our anchored PowerMast lifts can reach much higher. If you are performing any Aerial work at height, the PowerMast systems are your best choice.

PowerMast Access Rental

Freestanding PowerMast


Tied PowerMast

Scaffolding, System Scaffolding, and Scaffold Stair Tower Rentals

Whether your project is large or small, interior or exterior, if you need access we have the scaffolding solutions for you. From small multipurpose scaffolding setups to frame scaffolding, stair towers, and entire scaffolding systems for large buildings. Our team at Ace Rental & Sales is commited to providing you with the safest and most efficient ways to work on your projects.

Our team can also help you install system scaffolding around the exterior of buildings for major repair work. These can be outfitted with stair towers and trash chutes to help keep your worksite running smoothly.


Scaffolding Equipment

Frame Scaffolding


Tube and Clamp Scaffolding


Scaffold Stair Tower


System Scaffold

PowerPoles and Pump Jacks

We offer traditional pump jack systems and a Powerpole lift system to help access your project. Contact our experts to learn more about renting building access equipment.


Pump Jacks


Power Poles

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